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Welcome to the Wiki
Hello everyone, my name is AJ and I'm the owner of the Clover Coin Species Wiki! Thanks for popping by here to check out my critters. It means a lot to me that you all seem pretty interested in my creations and I hope I can inspire you even more with the information listed here.

This wiki will server as a basic guide for most of my species. Please note when you adopt one of the Clo Species that you are not required to follow the guides. They are only there as suggestions to help aid you in your character crafting and making. Think of them more as organized notes for you to look at on the side.

Most of the species listed here will be a Closed Adoptable Species. This means only I as the artist can distribute them or those with my permission can. Occasionally I'll be making pages for creatures I've made that will not be available for adoptions. Some will even be listed as an Open Species where you can craft one of your own of your.

If you are confused or have questions about the species, please feel free to contact me.

Before Adopting

I can not stress this enough. You are absolutely required to have read the TOU agreement before adopting any of my species. Claiming not to know information that was clearly written out is no excuse and will have ramifications such as having your adoptable reclaimed by the artist. I don't want anyone to have a bad experience with my adopts and I want to be able to keep track and manage them. Thank you for taking the time to read!

Closed Species

Open Species

WIP Species

Clo Lore