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( A Closed Species )

DA Group: Pillowing-Pile

Trade Center

Pillowing Master List

Terms of Use

These pillowings are the normal every day pillowings you would see as pets or comfort animals to people who need them. They are not strictly therapy pillowings but they can be used to the same degree. Only they usually only have one master and are not reset often like therapy pillowings.

Pet Pillowings

Your basic pet pillowing. No defining reason of wanting it or keeping it, just wanted it and got their own. It's really just another silly pet or toy. It has no special qualifications or needed existence. And that's fine! These pillowings can look like anything, you never know what someone might be into!

Guardian Pillowings

Guard pillowings could be placed in the same category as companions because they are usually the designated pet or companion to the shop owner and keeper. They might spend most of their lives in the shop but they thrive to do good by their masters and stay with them while they're in the shop. Occasionally the master will even take them home with them if they need extra comfort by their pillowing.