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Pillowing Pile Mascots.png
( A Closed Species )

DA Group: Pillowing-Pile

Terms of Use

General standard information here on mascots and what they mean to the community, etc etc. Information welcome here, this is mostly a place holder until the information is written up.

Pillowing Mascots

There are currently 8 Pillowing Mascots with jobs to help out in the Cloverse!


Missy mascot.png

Missy was one of the first pillowings thought of and created.


Bub mascot.png

Bub is the large mascot icon.


Pip mascot.png

Pip is the kit mascot icon.

Sally and Odette

Sally Odette mascots.png

Odette runs the Daycare with Sally.


Norman mascot.png

This fella is in charge of taking care of the thrift store Pillowings and making sure they're all happy and comfortable until they find their new forever homes. You'll also see him with raffle ticket system that's being updated!


Daphne mascot.png

The joy and warmth of autumn. Loves to pester her good friend Luther!

Helps her farmer advertise and host the annual pumpkin give away on their farm. She loves people, children, pets, and especially OTHER pillowing! An odd trait for a pillowing but other pillowings seem to relax in her presence and even allow her to rub up on them and sit with them while their owners look through the pumpkin fields.


Luther mascot.png

HAPPY PILLOWEEN! This is the dark Halloween Pillowing Mascot, Luther. His partner, Daphne Pillowing is the light Autumn Mascot who is forcibly befriending him against his will~

Luther is one of the oldest pillowings we know to exist, made long long ago before the "brand" became popular in modern pop culture a decade ago. Luther lives out in the a very rural town, even then his cottage home is a few miles in the Winding Woods. A dark and cluttered forest who few dare hunt in. The manner of beasts here are usually lethal if you don't know what you're doing. Travelers, especially novices, must stick to the well beaten paths guarded by silvery-blue laystones. These enchanted roads through the woods help prevent the roots and wild from uprooting the path and distorting the feverish growth. These woods never return a body. No one really knows who built the magical stone pathways through these woods, but travelers are sure to stop at the many small stone shrines and give their thanks.


Jolly mascot.png

Jolly helps with the Winter events.

Lintling Mascots


Other Cloverse Mascots