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( A Closed Species )

DA Group: Pillowing-Pile

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This is a very different type of pillowing all together. These... creatures? things? can be potentially dangerous. While they seem to be fine with their owners, due to the way they were created or intended for and their environment, pillowings have been known to leak negative residual magic in both their heart tokens and their physical bodies. If the process is not cleansed or dealt with on a regular schedule, there is a dangerous potential that the pillowing itself could become corrupted. Normally a pillowing would never be hostile or even have ill intent for... well anything. But Pitfoxes are raised in rough and rather unloving situations. Normally for typical entertainment purposes of being pitfoxes. A lot of people love the Gladiator sport for pillowings, however there are also a lot of people who would prefer it a lot more brutal. So the pitfox rings were born. People can makeshift any dangerous items and pillowings together and throw them into the ring to get ripped apart without mercy. Luckily pillowings do not experience pain or even discomfort, but still the negative emotions of the entire event can have rather severe consequences. You would never catch a pillowing "lover" down in these matches where the pillowings care are the last thing on people's minds. Kit: Piranha by Pillowing-Archive Large: Werewolf by Pillowing-Archive Large: Biting Butch by Pillowing-Archive MYO Pillowing: 0229 by Pillowing-Archive

(Pitfox Examples: Often raggedy, patchy, claws and teeth are the norm, some can look as classy as gladiators even! While others can look like they're literally being held together by ducktape to keep fighting.)

Corrupt Pillowings

A corrupt pillowing is one that has had the sentiment that powers its token corrupted. If the pillowing experiences too much stress and negativity without its master providing adequate consolation, the entire heart token may become corrupt. It instead becomes a token of grief, and the pillowing itself reflects this change. The changes in behavior can be extremely varied and are very specific to the situation that caused the corruption. The only thing that is known for certain is that they are no longer light-hearted good-natured housepets, and should be handled with great caution.

Pit Foxes

The pit foxes are a reflection of humanity's vices made pillowing. These creatures are crafted specially to fight for the entertainment of their masters (and any spectators). While not technically illegal in most parts of Clo, pit fox rings are generally frowned upon by polite society.

Pit foxes are generally not the same as guard pillowings who were made to protect homes and shops. These pillowings are crafted with the intent to destroy and be destroyed. Naturally aggressive upon summoning, they heed their masters orders and do their best to focus their negative energy at the target they've been given. Professional pillowing artisans do not approve of this practice, living creature or not they would never want to sacrifice their creations to this bloodless sport.

Pit Fox Physical Traits

Pit fox characteristics are dependent upon their purpose. In high society, pit foxes are often crafted with soft fabric and stuffed to bursting with feathers so that when they are clawed or bit it creates a spectacular burst of fluff into the air. Often in the darker rings of pit fox fighting, the goal is simply to win, and the foxes are crafted with much more utility and brutality in mind. They may be stuffed with sand or gravel for durability, and made from coarse fabric designed to catch enemy claws. Some of the more depraved artisans may even stuff a pit fox with tacks or nails to bite at the opponent even as they strike.

They will almost always have sharp claws, and large fangs to use as weapons, with some artisans even adding horns. Anything that can be added to a pillowing to cause tears and punctures likely has been attached to a pit fox.