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Popcorn - a kit example of a service pillowing
( A Closed Species )

DA Group: Pillowing-Pile

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Terms of Use

This is a very wide umbrella term. Service pillowing simply means the same thing as Service animal in our world. There are Emotion Support Pillowings, Mobility Aid Pillowings, Therapy Pillowings, and Psychiatric Support Pillowings. However in the world of Clo, service is a wide umbrella term that simply means Pillowings who live in the work place or are considered "work place pets/toys" are also service considered pillowings. Some will have no skills other than to be indoor company for the customers or employees. Others will have average or exceptional skills for their designated tasks that they were designed and quite literally made for. Most people will immediately understand though it's usually health related if you say you have a service pillowing. It's extremely popular in Clo culture to have a support pillowing.

Therapy Pillowing Characteristics

Therapy pillowings are crafted with uniquely designed heart tokens that must be replaced if the pillowing is adopted. Their special tokens allow them to bond more to a task than a specific person. So they find fulfillment in providing comfort to everyone, rather than their specific master. This can be very draining on a pillowing, and so their tokens are often reset after any high-stress events.

Service Pillowing Examples

Some pillowings are created specifically to provide short-term comfort as a sort of therapy animal. They are often found roaming hospitals, hospices, and retirement communities. Their natural affection for people makes them excellent companions for those that are unwell, and often-times will be adopted by their patient when they recover enough to head home.