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( A Closed Species )

DA Group: Pillowing-Pile

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Terms of Use

These types of pillowings can be easily compared to our world's dog shows or animal shows in general. Best in breeds or grooming. In the world of Clo it is an extremely popular hobby to modify and edit your pillowing. it's why the pillowings consider the sewing and patching process to be more like affectionate grooming than poking and prodding. There are two distinct types of showfoxes, the first keeping claim to the title Showfox these are more like fashion models of the industry. These pillowings often do jobs similar to actors or models as well. The second are MUDPUPPIES, technically still showfoxes because the same brands and networks hold the events and contests. Because some owners don't feel it suits them since they are so different from first showfoxes they affectionately refer to themselves as MUDPUPPIES.

(NOTE: Pick out a name and replace MUDPUPPIES with it please.)

Show Fox Examples

<note: place show fox images here> These are the hoity toity pillowings of all society. These are the ones you normally would see on posters or products for items you get at the grocery store. They are made to be beautiful, shocking, a work of "living" art.

== Show Pillowing