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Heart Tokens

Heart Tokens are what brings your pillowing to life!

The spell that is used on Heart Tokens is generally known as a "Come-To-Life" spell. It does exactly what it sounds like, and brings your pillowing to life! The most common issue of the spell allows the pillowing to move and act like a real dog.

Heart Tokens typically work best when it is an object that is sentimental to you.

Please note that Heart Tokens may not be an item that could rot or spoil.

Pillowing Heart Tokens
Image Types of Tokens Description
Commonly Suggested Heart Tokens; you are not required to use these. They are just here to help.
Feature-pillowing-hearts-keys.png Keys Comes in many shapes and sizes! Whether on its own or on a ring with others, these metallic door openers would be a great way to bring your pillowing to life and open up a new world for them!

Feature-pillowing-hearts-accessories.png Accessories Knickknacks, baubles, trinkets, and more! These random items make a nice personal heart token to use!

Feature-pillowing-hearts-letters.png Letters Roses are red, Violets are blue, this potential heart token could be perfect for you!

Feature-pillowing-hearts-photographs.png Photographs Look at this photograph. Every time you do it makes you laugh....so might as well put that embodiment as your pillowing's heart token!

Filling and Stuffing

This could be almost anything! Just make sure it doesn't rot or spoil. The list below are some suggestions.

When a pillowing is injured or coughs up, they don't bleed. They instead lose bits of their stuffing. Pillowing can also have potpourri or scent packs inside of them to help aid their owner for sleep or anxiety. This is a great help for those who are home sick. This is not to be confused with the scented magical feature which allows the pillowing to produce the scent all on it's own.

Pillowing Body Fillers
Image Filler Type Description
Commonly Suggested Fillers; you are not required to use these. They are just here to help.
Feature-pillowing-filler-straw.png Straw Hay, Straw, Grass, these are all different types of filler used. Especially in the country side. They usually are a bit stiffer and a lot more prickly. Not exactly the most comfy of pillowing.

Feature-pillowing-filler-feathers.png Feathers For those people who need something so soft it's lighter than air. These pillowing walk nearly in silence as they move around the house. These make for some of the best sleeping companions.

Feature-pillowing-filler-cotton.png Cotton The most common filling of all pillowing. It's the cheapest and easiest to get. It also lasts longer than most and goes longer without needing to be cleaned. Most standard pillowing come with cotton or wool filling.

Feature-pillowing-filler-beads.png Beads Some people enjoy that beanie baby feel under their finger tips. Pillowing with this kind of filling have more noise than other pillowings, you can hear them shuffling around the house especially if you have tile or hard wood floors. Beads are usually plastic or styrofoam.

Feature-pillowing-filler-fabric.png Leftover Fabric People who make cheaper pillowings tend to use whatever they can get for filling. A lot of the time it means cloth, rags, shreds of random fabric. These pillowing a little heavier than feathers or cotton. They are usually pretty lumpy.

Feature-pillowing-filler-sand.png Sand Sometimes people prefer to have something very firm. To use for cuddling or petting, these are some of the heaviest pillowing out there. Their heavy foot falls give them away when they're walking around the house. These also can me more dangerous because when they play and swat their pillows there is a lot more pressure to it thanks to the condensed sand filling.

Feature-pillowing-filler-rice.png Rice This is normally a special side filling. Generally for people with pain problems or older folks, pillowing with this filling will heat themselves by heaters, fire places, any heat source then go and sit on their owners who are hurting. This is a means of comfort. These pillowing are regularly found in clinics and old folks homes.

Feature-pillowing-filler-sawdust.png Saw Dust Like the fabric filling this is a cheaper option a lot of people dumb down for if they don't have access to feathers or cotton. It generally works pretty well but once in a while you'll get a prick from the wood shards inside that weren't ground up.

Special; restricted fillers for pillowings.
Feature-pillowing-materials-soil.png Soil Extremely difficult to maintain.

Feature-pillowing-materials-water.png Water Extremely heavy and difficult to maintain.

Feature-pillowing-materials-air.png Air Inflatable pillowings are typically only ever seen in the event Jumbo Pillowings.

Crafting Materials

Can you think of a material/fabric in real life? Then you most likely can make a pillowing with it! Just use common sense.

Pillowing Body Materials
Image Types of Material Description
Commonly Suggested Body Materials; you are not required to use these. They are just here to help.
Feature-pillowing-materials-fleece.png Fleece A soft and easy to clean fabric. Easily one of the cheapest materials to make a pillowing out of, and comes in a wide variety of colours and patterns.

Feature-pillowing-materials-minky.png Minky A silky-soft texture is what tends to set this material apart from others. Definitely recommended for spot-cleaning instead a washer/dryer!

Feature-pillowing-materials-denim.png Denim A very sturdy fabric, but still flexible. May wear thin over time.

Feature-pillowing-materials-oldclothes.png Old Clothing Got some old t-shirts or sweaters laying around? Maybe some socks or scarves? All are perfectly acceptable to make your beautiful new pillowing friend out of!

Feature-pillowing-materials-burlap.png Burlap A very stiff yet porous material. Texture is rather scratchy, but may be ideal for those that like that, or who just have a lot of burlap sacks they'd like to make into a beautiful new friend!

Feature-pillowing-materials-knitted.png Knitted or Crochet Yarn Nearly any sort of texture is possible depending on the type of yarn used! However it is difficult to mend and maintain once the pillowing is animated.

Pillowing-head-tba.png Reflective Material This material can help you get around the neighborhood safely with its reflective surface or give it that extra flashy look to your pillowing!

Very Rare
Feature-pillowing-materials-latex.png Rubber or Latex The most water-proof material available for your pillowing! Easy to clean, but harder to repair. Perfect for any pillowings with jobs near water, or if you just like the texture!

Feature-pillowing-materials-leather.png Leather A smooth yet pliable choice in material. Known for it's distinct smell and feel, this fabric is ideal for those that love the smell or for those that love the aesthetic that it provides.

Pillowing-head-tba.png Black Light Material This is material that can shine bright as the stars when put a special black light over it! Great for that nighttime lifestyle the owner of the pillowing may have! Note: This is not to be confused with Special Glowing, this is more of a very slight colour change when put under very specific lighting.

Feature-pillowing-materials-chainmail.png Chainmail and Metals A very heavy choice in material. Known to be a bit clunky and unwieldy it is not recommended for most pillowing owners. It is difficult to clean and repair, but does offer your pillowing a lot of protection.

Pillowing-head-tba.png Temperature Sensitive Fabric A super rare fabric choice, but many people enjoy it for its faux-magical nature.

Body Sizes

There will be different art bases for each "size" of pillowing. So when you adopt a pillowing depending on it's base art you can tell if it's a Kit, Standard, or Large.

Pillowing Eyes
Image Eye Type Description
Common Sizes
Feature-pillowing-sizecomparison-standard.png Standard Most common of all pillowing, the rough size of a small-medium dog, even an actual fox! These are the perfect at home companions and are often used for sleep aids.

Uncommon Sizes
Rare Sizes
Feature-pillowing-sizecomparison-kit.png Kit Size This is considered the toy version of the pillowing species. They are great for on-the-go owners who need some comfort as they travel. They make great starter pets for children too. It's about the same size as a small cat though it varies per design.

Very Rare Sizes
Feature-pillowing-sizecomparison-large.png Large Size The most expensive of pillowing seeing how they take a lot of material to make. These pillowing can get as big as wolves. An adult human could even ride one for a short period if they wanted too. These pillowing are recommended for large open homes only because they tend to bump into things and knock a lot of stuff over. Generally pillowings under 6th at ear height are considered large sizes.

Special Sizes
Feature-pillowing-sizecomparison-jumbo.png Jumbo Size Once a pillowing exceeds 6ft at the ear height it is considered jumbo sized. Not recommended for long term ownership as they tend to be very hard to keep in the home or shop with their clumsy nature.


Because of the way the Pillowing is crafted they have large sock like ears. Round and lumpy usually. There is no need for an opening in the ear for them to hear, it's not very clear how they do hear but then again a lot of their body is unclear on how it runs. The trouble with magic, it's hard to explain. Ears on Pillowing are normally purely for aesthetics.

Pillowing Ears
Image Ear Type Description
Common Ears
Feature-pillowing-ear-droop.png Droop Some pillowing's ears are heavier than others. While they still can move them pretty freely, sometimes due to their filling their ears might droop down naturally instead of perking upright.

Feature-pillowing-ear-standard.png Standard Normal upright ears, these are most likely what you'll see on you every day pillowing.

Uncommon Ears
Feature-pillowing-ear-bob.png Bob Short round upright ears. Because of how short they are they can't really droop. Very perky.

Feature-pillowing-ear-drops.png Drops For pillowing owners who are looking for a more puppy style pillowing. Like the Droop they still have motion of their ears but normally let them sag down.

Rare Ears
Feature-pillowing-ear-droopylong.png Droop Long Some people prefer the drooping bunny look for their pillowings. They even over stuff their ears so they can't hold them upright at all. They still have some limited motion in their ears. But too heavy to lift completely upright.

Feature-pillowing-ear-perkylong.png Perky Long Rather silly looking ears, but some people like to have more to decorate. Pillowings have full motion of their ears, even the tall upright ones like bunnies.

Very Rare Ears
Feature-pillowing-ear-earless.png Earless As we mentioned before, ears are just for aesthetics so really there is no need for them on a pillowing. Most people do prefer theirs with ears, you very rarely would see one without.

Special Ears
Feature-pillowing-ears-shaped.png Shaped Ears Because ears are mostly for decorational purposes, lots of owners will go out of their ways to find talented designs to design shaped ears to make their pillowings more unique from the crowd. Pillowings themselves don't seem to mind at all. Shapes can be pretty unique pillowing to pillowing. The only factor that stays true to the pillowings body is that the ears are always full and plush like. You likely will almost never see a thinned pair of ears on pillowings that look similar to living cats and dogs.


Pillowing eyes are not strictly necessary, much like the ears! So some people opt for the common "closed eyes" look, while others go the extra mile and get their pillowing some fully animated eyes! Even though again, neither are necessary for the the pillowing to "see".

Pillowing Eyes
Image Eye Type Description
Common Eyes
Feature-pillowing-eyes-common.png Common/Eyeless Pillowing do not need eyes to see where they are going. They normally just have sensory in their body to direct them around objects and towards people. Like being attracted to people's auras. This is the cheapest way to get a pillowing.

Uncommon Eyes
Feature-pillowing-eyes-beads.png Beads Not seen as often as buttons or closed, when people are looking for more "eye like" facial features but don't want to pay the extra cash for Open/Dark Eyes they usually pick the simplified bead eyes.

Feature-pillowing-eyes-buttons.png Buttons A lot of people like to decorate their pillowing and will custom theirs with Button eyes to accessorize and match a theme. This is pretty normal to see around.

Rare Eyes
Feature-pillowing-eyes-googly.png Googly Eyes Some owners prefer their pillowing to be a bit on the goofy side, googly eyes can still emote and frown, but retain their hilarious bobble-headed pupils that dance around at their own will as the pillowing moves.

Feature-pillowing-eyes-open.png Open Eyes When being crafted the pillowing's eyes are embroidered onto the head to create a case for pupil marbles. It just looks like craft work until they come to life and become full animated - they then look like normal living eyes.

Feature-pillowing-eyes-dark.png Dark Eyes Like the Open eyes, it's all just embroidery work but instead of a white eye background they use black.

Feature-pillowing-eyes-round.png Pupils for Open Eyes Pillowings with open eyes typically only have a round pupil with a round iris, or just a plain round iris. Sometimes the whole eye is a single color. This is commonly seen with most open eyed pillowings.

Very Rare Eyes
Feature-pillowing-eyes-shapes.png Shapes for Open Eyes Some owners like to make the extra purchase of buying special customized shapes or themes for their pillowings open eyes. The pupils can have their own distinctive shape and so can the irises if the owner chooses. All of this is purely cosmetic and has no extra functions.

Feature-pillowing-eyes-insects.png Insect Eyes A purely cosmetic choice for owners who are looking for a pillowing with a specific theme.

Feature-pillowing-eyes-bejeweled.png Bejeweled Eyes A purely cosmetic choice for owners who are looking for a pillowing with a specific theme. Gemstones or reflective stones replacing the pupils or irises, sometimes the entire eye itself looking more like buttons or beads instead of open eyes.

Special Eyes
Feature-pillowing-eyes-glowing.png Glowing Eyes This is a very rare feature that can not be crafted alone. Instead magic is used to help light the pillowing up from the inside out. This rare feature is almost never seen, but when it is it's normally features in the Eyes or markings on the pillowing.

Feature-pillowing-eyes-multiple.png Multiple Eyes Often never seen, this is where a pillowing has more than 2 functional eyes on it's head or body. There is no specific function other than cosmetic appeal for certain owners.


The pillowing is supposed to be a source of comfort. Originally they were crafted purely without teeth for softest mouths. However in later designs, pillowings showing teeth had become quite popular for both aesthetic and utility. The fear your pillowing would bite you would never be present so most owners don't think twice about getting stylish smiles for their pillowings.

Pillowing Mouth
Image Mouth Type Description
Common Mouths
Feature-pillowing-mouth-puppet.png Common Mouth The average pillowing does not have teeth or a tongue. Pillowing are usually comfort animals, live strictly indoors, animated stuffed animals. They do not eat and have no need to chew. They were first designed with puppet like mouths and some owners prefer this style.

Feature-pillowing-mouth-standardtongue.png Standard Tongue Pillowing have no need for tongues other than to act more animal like by licking their owners or themselves. There is no saliva produced in their mouths so it's just like having a soft piece of fabric lapping at you.

Uncommon Mouths
Feature-pillowing-mouth-slimtongue.png Slim Tongue Thinner tongues aren't as common as the round standard but there for cosmetic purposes.

Rare Mouths
Feature-pillowing-mouth-teeth.png Teeth Some people like to get teeth customs with their pillowing. Teeth can be a danger to the pillowing and to other pillowing in the house. They have a chance at tearing their own fabric bodies if they're not careful which is why most people opt out of teeth. Because teeth are custom added, they can be any color.

Very Rare Mouths
Feature-pillowing-mouth-forkedtongue.png Forked Tongue Purely cosmetic for stylized pillowing. Has no specific useful function.

Feature-pillowing-mouth-fangs.png Fangs This is very rare, but some people will actually keep a territorial pillowing in their home or office armed with claws and teeth like a security dog. If trained right, pillowing make very excellent guard companions of you and your home. They still pose a big threat to themselves and especially other pillowings.

Special Mouths
Feature-pillowing-mouth-metalmouth.png Metal Mouth This is an extremely unusual and dangerous trait for pillowings to have. You normally never would see a pillowing outfitted with these chompers except for gladiators or pit foxes.

Feature-pillowing-mouth-saberteeth.png Saberteeth Another very dangerous trait, these teeth are extremely unpractical for pillowings to use and play in. But still owners like the looks this feature gives their pillowing. Tusks are another feature under the Saber Teeth that are odd and usually dangerous for pillowing to have.

Feature-pillowing-mouth-sharkteeth.png Shark Teeth These extremely dangerous teeth were made strictly for pillowings to harm others. To harm people or other pillowing. There are dangerous kinds of people who will craft pillowings strictly for fighting purposes and this is a favorite trait among them. Shark teeth usually displayed in a single row, but owners have been known to go above and beyond and give their pillowings the full shark aesthetic of few rows of sharp edged teeth.


Pillowings are ultimately and usually soft and light. You can normally hear them shuffling when they are making their way to you but some pillowings are just exceptionally skilled at being quiet for their masters sake. While most seek out the comfort those soft paws can bring, others like to take the time to customize them and outfit them with the latest and brightest claws available for either aesthetic purposes to useful ones...

Pillowing Eyes
Image Eye Type Description
Common Paws
Feature-pillowing-paws-standard.png Standard Paw When being sewn together the paws are normally just flat standard fabric used. This is the cheapest option for most people. Much like teeth, pillowing normally do not have any claws as it can be a danger to themselves and other pillowings. Because they have no need to claw or climb, there really isn't a reason they need them.

Feature-pillowing-paws-mitten.png Mitten Paw Same basic functions as standard paws, they are just missing the individual toes to give the pillowing's feet a mitten like appearance.

Feature-pillowing-paws-thumbs.png Dew Toe It's a personal material choice if you would like your pillowing outfitted with dew toes or thumbs as most owners refer to them as. Some pillowings can adapt extremely well and almost have as much range as human hands when handling objects for their owners. This makes them a great choice for therapy and special aid pillowings.

Feature-pillowing-paws-padding.png Padding Paw Some people like to get a little extra protect for their pillowing's feet and have extra fabric or padding sewn onto their paws so they don't wear out as fast.

Uncommon Paws
Feature-pillowing-paws-pawpads.png Paw Pads A lot of people really like to keep them closer to actual animals and will order them with animal like paw pads.

Feature-pillowing-paws-shapedpawpads.png Shaped Paw Pads Along with the animal paw fad, more cutesy and shaped patterns like hearts, stars, or whatever shapes you can think of. This holds the same rarity and upkeep as the regular animal paw pads.

Rare Paws
Feature-pillowing-paws-nails.png Nails Some people still like to get pillowings with claws, mostly so they can accessorize them and paint them different colors. They have to be careful to keep them filed and dull so their pillowing will not accidentally scratch itself and tear the fabric or hurt other pillowings when they play.

Very Rare Paws
Feature-pillowing-paws-claws.png Claws Like the fangs, claws on pillowing are extremely rare and really only ever used on guard pillowings. A means to protect their territory from other pillowing, animals, or even people. When trained right, these pillowings can viciously guard anything.

Feature-pillowing-paws-retractableclaws.png Retractable Claws This is extremely rare but a great feature for those who have the extra spending money. For people who want claws but not all the time can safely have their pillowing tuck them away into their paws until it's time to paint them or leave them to guard the house.

Special Paws
Feature-pillowing-paws-raptorclaws.png Raptor Dew Claws Highly inconvenient and actually rather dangerous to have on your regular house hold pillowing. Raptor dew claws are usually outfitted on gladiator and pit fox pillowings only. Though you might find the odd pillowing here and there with purely cosmetic claws.

Feature-pillowing-paws-multiplelimbs.png Multiple Limbs This is highly unusual for pillowing to have more than the standard 4 limbs. It's even common to see pillowings with less than 4 limbs after patch jobs. There would be no purpose beyond aesthetic appeals for more than 4 limbs.


With or Without a tail, a "knot" must always be present on the rear end of a Pillowing. This is very important and what holds them together. Pillowing have full range of motions with their tails. They normally use them for play and self defense even if they have teeth or claws. They just prefer to use their tails if they have them. Pillow cases on the tail can be open for the pillow to peek out or completely sealed. This is an option for all pillowing owners.

Pillowing Eyes
Image Eye Type Description
Common Tails
Feature-pillowing-tail-opencase.png Standard Open Case Tail The generic pillowing tail, think your average bed pillow as a tail for a size comparison. They can be enclosed in a case or left open to see the pillow peeking out.

Feature-pillowing-tail-closedcase.png Standard Closed Case Tail The generic pillowing tail, think your average bed pillow as a tail for a size comparison. They can be enclosed in a case or left open to see the pillow peeking out.

Feature-pillowing-tail-layeredpillowcase.png Layered Pillow Case Tail A small decorative twist lots of owners like to do to customize their pillowings. Recently it has been quite the popular fad since it takes very little effort to install.

Uncommon Tails
Feature-pillowing-tail-short.png Short Length Not everyone likes their pillowing's tail dragging along the ground. Especially if they travel or go outdoors. This perky tail is the perfect way to help keep them cleaner a little longer.

Feature-pillowing-tail-slimfit.png Slim Weight Pillowing with thinner tails have an easier time getting around the house quietly. They can sneak, almost slither, through the rooms without being noticed. They seem to have a lot more control over their tails than the others.

Rare Tails
Feature-pillowing-tail-long.png Long Length Some people like to have those longer body like pillows, even pillowing do too! These make for excellent sleep aids for people and pillowing alike.

Feature-pillowing-tail-wideload.png Wide Weight Pillowings can come with an over stuffed tail that is very large compared to their size. Sometimes it can even be the same size or bigger than the pillowing itself! This makes it harder for the pillowing to get around though having to drag around their tails. They still have motion control over their tail but are slow and clumsy with them. They do however love to sleep on top of their own tails though! Other pillowing even seem to flock towards them into a pillowing pile for nap time.

Very Rare Tails
Feature-pillowing-tail-bob.png Bob Tail Like the short ears, a lot of people like to match the tails. They can some in shapes like squares, circles, or just a twisted knot of a pillow that stands upright from the base knot. This is very rare since pillowing like to have access to their tails for sleeping, comfort, and defence. Because they are so short they don't get that.

Feature-pillowing-tail-emptycase.png Empty Pillow Case Tail Sometimes a pillowing's tail becomes damaged and needs to be replaced. However once removed some owners seem to actually like the appearance of the empty case pillowing tail. Some even order their pillowings without the pillow tail now to get the drapery and flowing look.

Feature-pillowing-tail-bowknot.png Knot Bow and Ribbons Owners love to give their pillowings a cute flare here and there. One of the popular ones is to stylize the knot of the tail in the fashion of a bow. Some owners like to add just a bit more for the full bow-like effect and have draping ribbons down from the knot. However some owners just opt out of the ribbons so they have less maintenance.

Feature-pillowing-tail-knotonly.png Knot Only Very very rare, most people never have a pillowless tailed pillowing. For most people it really defeats the purpose. Sometimes accidents happen and a pillow loses it's tail. If the ownes can't afford to get it fixed or simply choose not too, that pillowing has to work harder to make adjustments.

Feature-pillowing-tail-shaped.png Shaped Tail Once in a rare while some owners will get their own custom made pillowing where it's tail will be a sewn plush of a specific object. It could be a heart, the moon, or even a dolphins tail! These are all classified as very rare since they are all custom made by artisans. Pillowings have less motion control over their shape tails dew to the in place stitching that holds their shapes. But still they can look mighty pleased wagging them!

Yarn tail.png Yarn Tail A very rare addition as a yarn tail has lots of upkeep on the owners part. Some may enjoy the chunkier yarn looks, while others may prefer types that look and act more like human hair. On the whole though only those willing to put in the time to groom their pillowing usually ask for this feature.

Special Tails
Feature-pillowing-tails-multiknot.png Multiple Knotted Tails This is rarely done, normally the pillows are too stuffed or too short for it. But those with looser and longer casing can manage it. It is not recommended to add extra knots to your pillowing's tail as it creates harder surfaces when they playfully hit you or other pillowings. It can leave a bit of a bruise.

Feature-pillowing-tails-multiple.png Multiple Tails Occasionally pillowings will be made with more than one tail. This does not change the function of the tails, pillowings will still have complete mobility over all of their tails. They are still used in play, defense, and comfort.

Size Comparisons

Pillowings can really come in all shapes and sizes. There is no specific reasoning for the fox like face or anatomy when the enchantments used on these toys really could be used on nearly any other object as well. Pillowings just have grown and adopted to this sleek look that does appeal to most people. However you will still find some extremely stylized pillowings that do exist. Please feel free to have fun exploring different weights and body types so long as you write clearly what size your pillowing is. There is a lot to explore and we implore you to indulge!

Standard Kit Large Jumbo

Body Modifications

A pillowing Body Modification is typically described as anything that would change the pillowing physically and its general silhouette!

Pillowing Body Mods
Image Mod Type Description
Common Body Mods
Feature-pillowing-bodymods-missinglimb.png Missing Limbs This is a very common occurrence with those rascally pillowings. They easily damage their soft fabric bodies and owners will often have repair sewing kits at home for quick patch jobs until they can get their pillowing tailored again. Pillowings missing entire limbs causes them no pain and doesn't really seem to hinder them from getting around. They are very quick to adapt.

Pockets and pouches.png Pockets and Pouches It's common to see a pillowing with these upon them. Often more times than not an owner needs help carrying items or think that something would be safer in the pillowings pocket, than theirs.

Common body modification.png Common Body Modification It's incredibly easy and common to shorten a pillowings legs to a more dachshund or corgi style shape, without the additional small size of a Kit pillowing! Many owners who opt for this feature just enjoy smaller, but not tiny dogs!

Uncommon Body Mods
Feature-pillowing-bodymods-whiskers.png Whiskers Some owners just love the animal likeness of their pillowings having whiskers. They don't necessarily aid the pillowings in any way, however they do not seem to like it if you pull on them.

Feature-pillowing-bodymods-fabricflaps.png Extra Fabric Flaps A lot of beginner artisans will try the more simple customization routes to specialize a pillowing. A more common theme they seem to us is flaps or pieces of fabric to give the pillowing some more texture to it's body. You often will see it with bird-like themes.

Rare Body Mods
Feature-pillowing-bodymods-wheels.png Wheels Rarely you'll see pillowings with wheels on them. Some owners choose to replace their entire back legs with them, while most go for the "roller paw" route where the wheel is sewn on the bottom of the pillowing's paws so the pillowing can walk, run, and by shifting its weight a bit - roll on the wheels. It's an alternative way to move around town!

Very Rare Body Mods
Feature-pillowing-mods-hair.png Hair Quite a few owners love the look of hair on their pillowings, as its aesthetic is pleasing to look at or gives them something to brush and mess around with. Knots and tangles can easily happen so a daily upkeep is often needed. It can either be sewn on the head or as a wig.

Feature-pillowing-bodymods-shapedlimbs.png Shaped Limbs Some owners want to go the whole way when it comes to their aesthetics and design dreams. You will have to find a talented artisan who can plan ahead for the pillowing's movement once it's brought to life, but owners who have custom dreams tend to be relentless! Shapes come in all sorts of themes, hooves, flippers, even faux-plush bones!

Special Body Mods
Feature-pillowing-bodymods-bagbody.png Empty Bag Body Extremely rare to see owners make their pillowings in actual functional accessories. But some pillowings have been outfitted to be literally walking keepsake bags or even have connectable straps that hoist them over their owner's shoulder much like a messenger bag or purse.

Feature-pillowing-paws-multiplelimbs.png Extra Limbs This is highly unusual for pillowing to have more than the standard 4 limbs. It's even common to see pillowings with less than 4 limbs after patch jobs. There would be no purpose beyond aesthetic appeals for more than 4 limbs.

Extreme body modification.png Extreme Body Modification Replacing the body with a shell to make it more turtle-like? Elongating the body to a more noodle shape? Adding an extra head? If it changes the physical silhouette of a standard pillowing drastically, it be might be an extreme body modification.

Feature-pillowing-mods-fauxface.png Faux Face This is a rare and rather artsy feature for rich pillowing owners or craftsmen. Instead of having the soft plush face, they have a sleek and hard face mask put onto the head. There is enchantment options to make the faces functioning where they still can move their eyes, mouths, and express themselves. Or to leave them stone faced where they do not emote whatsoever. They use body language entirely instead of their face or noise. Face plates can be made out of an assortment of things, Porcelain, Stone, Clay, Plastic, Wood, and others.

Garden host.png Garden Host As a Garden Host, your pillowing is capable of growing flowers, herbs, and/or other plant life within their body with their soil filling! It sounds nice to have a living breathing portable garden at the hands of green thumbs in theory, but in actuality this is not recommended. If the plant life ever wilts or dies, your pillowing could become depressed or despondent. This stress and negativity the pillowing endures can be extremely harsh on the pillowing itself especially in the winter months. Plus it’s super messy what with all the dirt and mud being tracked around in your household all the time.

Feature-pillowing-mods-horns.png Horns and Antlers Pillowings with horns, antlers or ram like horns seem eager to try out their new rack and butt into other pillows. Especially those with other antlers! They seem to have a driving need to rub and butt them against objects, people, or pillowings. This creates a lot of chaos in the household.

Feature-pillowing-mods-wings.png Wings Can you imagine the havoc a pillowing could wreak on your household if it could also fly about? This is an extremely rare feature that is not only crafted but specifically enchanted while being made so it has the ability of flight and hovering. Very rarely they are only there for looks and aesthetics. From angel wings, demonic bat like wings, cutesy round wings, and even insect pixie like wings can be seen.

Removeable body parts.png Removable Body Parts Want an extra pair of paws around, but only sometimes? Perhaps you'd like to change out your pillowing's tail according to your mood. This feature might be for you! Note: be careful not to lose those removable parts!

Robotics and electronics.png Robotics and Electronics Beep Boop, it’s the future! Whether you like the modern day sleek design of electronics, or would want your pillowing to have robotic parts for better mobility and whatnot, it is a very expensive hobby to have! Not only do you have to update the firmware and electronics every other year or so, you’d have to make sure the parts are resistant enough to handle the natural elements outside! Note: this includes wires, cables, anything that would need to be plugged in OR run on batteries.

Accents and Decoration

Accents and Decoration can fall under many things! Some much more common than others. However the overarching theme holding these things together is that they are considered "add-ons" to your standard pillowing, and that is what sets them apart from Body Modifications.

Pillowing Accents
Image Accent Type Description
Common Accents
Single accessory.png Single Accessory Sometimes simplicity is all you need. It's common to see pillowings around with collars, hats, necklaces, or even socks! More than one small accessory however can be cumbersome, and is not as common to see around. Note possible common accessories can include but are not limited to: collar, bow, simple flower crown, necklace, scarf, hat, bandanna, bracelet, socks, etc.

Beads.png Beads Intricate beading patterns can be found on many pillowing. Can be applied anywhere on the pillowing body.

Fraying and tearing.png Fraying and Tearing Sometimes a pillowing may get into a fight, and acquire some rips or tears. Some owners opt not to fix these up for various reasons. Sometimes it's even done intentionally! Either way the pillowing feels no pain from this, just keep an eye on that stuffing so it doesn't wind up all over your floor!

Patches and patchwork.png Patches and Patchwork Most common among all pillowing. When pillowings tear or rip they can get patches. Professionals will seamlessly sew the pillowing back together with Stitching, but others prefer the patchy decorative work. This also works for decorative patches.

Squeakers.png Squeakers Want your pillowing to sound like a squeaky dog toy? Or sound like a rubber ducky? Then squeakers would be the ideal thing! Often added in the paws or muzzle amongst all the filling your pillowing would have.

Stickers.png Stickers A cute decorative design with an adhesive backside to stick onto your pillowing! This is usually applied to the body and tail, but it can be applied to any part of the body.

Stitching.png Stitching Stitching is the most common appearance in pillowings. Professionals can sew a pillowing back up like new, but at home for simple fixes you will see pillowing with threaded stitching where ever they had a rip or tear. A lot of people will also stitch designs into their pillowings as personal projects. Don't worry, the pillowing like it! They consider it like petting or grooming.

Uncommon Accents
2 or more accessories.png 2 or more Accessories A simple accessory easy enough, but maybe you need that extra bit of pizzazz. Sometimes you want not just the hat, but also the matching bracelets and necklace to complete that premium aesthetic.

Animal headbands.png Animal Headband Animal Headbands come in many shapes. Most commonly seen as bunny ears, cat ears, or even faux-horns!

Bells.png Bells You rang? Whether you just like the sound or want to use one or several to make sure your pillowing doesn’t get into trouble without keeping an eye on them all the time, it’s certainly a useful item to adorn your pillowing with!

Buttons.png Buttons and Pins Buttons sewn into the pillowing body for decoration. Any item with a pin back like pin back buttons or broaches can be applied to a pillowing. It does not harm them.

Clothing and costumes.png Clothing and Costumes Pillowings can be dressed up like dolls and given an appearance that further defines them and their owners.

Fluff.png Fluff Like fur a lot of people find comfort in petting curly fluff. This is usually applied to the head, neck, and even tails but it can be applied to any part of the body.

Glitter.png Glitter An extra bit of sparkle, glitz, and glam never hurt anyone! Oh, except for now that it's all on your everything. A very pretty feature to have, not so pretty when you're cleaning it up from a friends pillowing who visited three months ago.

Item props.png Item Props When the pillowing itself doesn’t look cool enough, give it that extra pizzazz by adding an item prop! Otherwise known as an item that can be attached on the pillowing itself! Think arrow through the head or tail, props that look like food, or like a pole that makes the pillowing look like an horse on a carousel!

Key rings.png Key Rings Not common to see around, but easy to install. This feature would allow you to clip your pillowing to anything for easy transportation with minimum effort, from either of you!

Sewing pins.png Sewing Pins These are different from the item that has a pin back to them, these pins are ones you’d often find next to a sewing machine! This pillowing would be like a handy dandy portable pincushion for you! These punctures do not harm the pillowing!

Pom poms.png Pom Poms Small woolen balls of fluff that can be used as a decorative purpose, usually applied to ear tips.

Rope and twine.png Rope and Twine Like the look of rope or twine hanging off your pillowing? Going for that cool nautical look, or maybe a nature scout theme? Then this accent is for you!

Ribbons.png Ribbons These are seen often enough laced with pillowings either as an accessory or even sewn into the pillowing itself. More common than ruffles or lace.

Zippers.png Zippers Usually used as decoration. Most commonly seen on mouths, and sometimes on small pockets. Note: if using for pockets, it cannot simulate the Special Empty Body Bag feature.

Rare Accents
Fur.png Fur Some people are looking for the authentic pet feel without the responsibilities of a real pet. So people will use real fur or faux fur on their pillowings body.

Tassels.png Tassels Purely decorative, normally attached to the ear tips or tail.

Velcro.png Velcro Need help attaching something to the pillowing but always change your mind on the location to put it? Velcro can definitely help with that by attaching itself to the pillowing and give you easy access to move around the accessories you may have!

Very Rare Accents
Fake flowers.png Fake Flowers and Plants Want to have the aesthetic of plants or flowers on your pillowing but not all the work actual plants bring with? Fake plants would be a great way to go about it!

Feathers.png Feathers Feathers aren’t the only things that belong on a bird! They can also be on pillowings to give them that extra step of looking and feeling soft and fluffy like one! A very delicate decoration. Handle with care, or you may just have feathers all over your house instead of on your pillowing!

Costume jewlery.png Jewellery and Gemstones So fancy! This type of accent can be added anywhere for that high end royalty look! Glitzy decorations that many owners enjoy putting on their pillowing. Usually applied through strong adhesives, or piercing through the fabric.

Lace.png Lace Soft and delicate decorations for many rare pillowings. Can be applied to any part of the pillowing body.

Ruffles.png Ruffles Gentle and delicate look for most pillowings. Most fancy and decorated pillowings have ruffles. They must be cared for and often patched because during play the ruffles can easily tear.

Sheer.png Sheer Light and thin fabric that is usually a shawl around the pillowing some how. Over the head, body, or pillow casing.

Special Accents
Feature-pillowing-accents-scales.png Scales A rare feature that is purely decorative. Considering scales are thin plates overlapping one another, it’s often used for reptile-like pillowings. Scales can be made out of an assortment of things, Porcelain, Stone, Clay, Plastic, Wood, and others.

Feature-pillowing-accents-spikes.png Spikes and Studs A feature that is extremely not recommended for any pillowing. They are very likely to hurt themselves or others when featured with sharp like studs and spikes. But there are still people who go for it for aesthetic reasons or would like a pitfox that can destroy others in their path. Some people heed to reason and choose to get duller or flatter studding if they do choose to stud their pillowing.

Feature-pillowing-accents-sequins.png Sequins Another rare feature that is also purely decorative. Because of the pillowing's play time they are subject to loosen and fall off regularly. So sequinned pillowings need constant maintenance and patch work to put them back into place.


Beyond the standard "Come-To-Life" spell, some owners opt to add in extra magical effects to their pillowing. These range in being functional and therapeutic in the case of Body Temperature Control, to purely aesthetic such as Glowing or Fog and Mist.

Pillowing Magic
Image Magic Type Description
Common Magic
Body animation.png Body Animation Every pillowing is brought to life using body animation powered by their owners heart token.

Uncommon Magic
Scented magic.png Scented Not to be confused with the more common scent packs, this enchantment allows the pillowing to produce a magical scent chosen by the owner that will not ever wear out!

Body temperature control.png Body Temperature Control Many pillowing owners may have trouble with their joints, or their circulation, or just live in a hot or cold climate! Therefore they opt to have this enchantment put upon their pillowings to better assist them.

Rare Magic
Very Rare Magic
Levitation.png Levitation There are two types of levitation magic. The subconscious kind where the pillowing's enchantment holds items like floating wings or halo's in consistent place. The second kind is the conscious type of magic where the pillowing itself has control over it's own levitation magic and can move other objects freely like telekinesis.

Fabric pattern animation.png Fabric Pattern Animation The patterns or designs on the pillowing's material body are some how enchanted to move on their own. A very rare and unique trait for those who don't get motion sickness easily.

Special Magic
Pillowing-head-tba.png Corruption Corruption is an extremely rare type of magic that is not desirable to most regular folks. Corruption is how Pitfoxes and to a smaller extent Gladiators come to be. Luthur is another example of a Corrupted pillowing.

Feature-pillowing-magic-aura.png Aura This is a special magic enchantment used on the object inside of the pillowing. Where ever the pillowing goes it seems to emit a soft and warm feeling light that any normal person can see. It is even said that blind people could feel the light. The light seems to get brighter from the chest.

Fog and mist.png Fog and Mist Similar to auras, this is a special magic enchantment used on the object inside of the pillowing. Where ever the pillowing goes, it seems to produce a dense cloud of vapor that obscures or restricts visibility on said pillowing.

Feature-pillowing-magic-glowing.png Glowing This is a very rare feature that can not be crafted alone. Instead magic is used to help light the pillowing up from the inside out. This rare feature is almost never seen, but when it is it's normally features in the Eyes or markings on the pillowing.

Feature-pillowing-magic-smoke.png Smoke Another form of enchantment used on the objects inside of pillowings. This has no clear purpose for the other or pillowing other than aesthetics and decoration. The smoke can emit from any part of the body, though the most common place is from the center of the chest where their heart token is.

Themed vocals.png Themed Vocals All pillowings come default with canine-like sounds! With their canine-like bodies this makes the most sense. However, rarely some may prefer that their pillowing sound like a cat, or perhaps an ocean!

Singing and humming.png Singing and Humming Similar to Themed Vocals, however the pillowing is now enchanted with the ability to sing or hum tunes!

Talking and speech.png Talking and Speech Extremely rare, this enchantment is difficult to accomplish, and very expensive. Not many people opt for this due to the complexity, and the hefty price tag.