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Hey everyone, welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page. Clearly you're having some questions or concerns. Well hopefully some of the information here will help clear stuff up, if your question hasn't been answered here be sure to contact User:Aj! Thanks for checking out my species and supporting Clover Coin.

What is an Adoptable?

An adoptable is a pre-designed character concept (usually accompanied by some amount of art). What an actual "sale" of an adoptable consists of varies, but for Pillowings as an example, you will receive full-resolution art of the character, as well as limited rights to the design as outlined in the Terms of Use.

Closed Species? What does that mean?

A closed species is a term used in the art community to designate that a species is not available for public use. As the creator of a closed species, I retain all rights to said species including creating new members therein. Basically that means that you cannot create your own member of the species without obtaining express written consent from myself.

Note however that the scope of these species are fairly limited and very specific. For example, the Birdeer species does not prevent anyone from making a bird/deer hybrid creature. However, claiming that it is a Clo Birdeer, or not significantly distinguishing them from my Birdeer would be a breach of my copyright, and is thus forbidden.

Are Customs/MYO slots available?

Custom commission slots of my Clo species are occasionally available. The best way to be notified when they open is to be following my personal blog [Doodleloser], or my [DeviantArt]. As always, patrons that subscribe to me on [Patreon] will always get first dibs to adoptables earlier before anyone else. This also includes custom commission slots!

MYO or known as "Make Your Own" tickets are usually handed out during events in the adoptable groups [Clo-Critters] or [Pillowing-Pile]. I will not be selling MYO slots as they are meant to be a special treat for trade offers or events on DA.

How much do they cost???

The price varies greatly depending on rarity of features as well as how it is purchased. (Auctions, Commissions, Etc...)

Base priced pillowings roughly start around $15USD - $25USD.

Special pillowing auctions will usually have an "Auto Buy" price of $200USD.

Custom pillowing slots start around $40USD but are usually auction off and the highest price is the Auto Buy of $200USD.

The rest of the Clo species do not have estimated prices at this time.

Can I trade or resell mine?

Yes you can! Just head on over to the [Pillowing Trade Center] and be sure to read all of the rules listed there. Make sure to abide by the Terms of Use in all sales and trades.

Just to remind you all in case you skip the TOU... You are required to notify me before trading or reselling your pillowing. Be it one you got from me or as a MYO pillowing, all pillowings are required approval by the artist CloverCoin/User:Aj. By TOU I have "first dibs" on all pillowing that come back onto the market and have the option to purchase them back at 50% of the original cost. Please understand this won't happen often, this is mostly a seller's remorse safety net I've installed to protect myself. Most of you will just get a flat approval to trade/resell as you see fit according to the TOU.