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[Clover Coin Designs Terms of Service 2018 Google Docs Link]

OLD FIRST DRAFT CLOVER COIN TERMS OF SERVICE - NO LONGER IN USE. Please refer to the 2018 google doc link above for current terms of adopts and designs by AJ and Clover Coin Designs.

By purchasing one of my “Closed Species” designs (hereafter referred to as adoptables), such as a Pillowing by example, you are bound by the terms of use listed below. Please read over them carefully.

By purchasing one of my adoptables, you are purchasing limited rights to a specific character design, as specified below.

After a purchase, the adoptable is still the artist’s Intellectual Property. The artist retains partial rights to the adoptable, and is free to use it (and it’s original artwork) for promotional and commercial purposes.

  • Unless otherwise specified in the individual sale, the purchaser (hereafter: you) free to give the adoptable a name, story, and world to live in.

  • It’s yours to play with, so make it your own!

  • You may only use the adoptable for home/personal use. Use of the adoptable for commercial projects is strictly prohibited.

Sorry, you cannot use your adoptable to mass-produce plushes, nor can you sell artwork of it. If you want to commission art of your adoptable, and even get yourself a plush, go right ahead!

  • Species credit is required on all public displays of the adoptable. Credit should be given as: Species: Pillowing by AJ of clovercoin.com

Just link back to my site in the description, this helps me to keep making more lovelies.

  • You may make minor cosmetic changes to the adoptable. This includes very minor changes in color or markings. Without written consent from the artist, any significant changes to the adoptable’s design are prohibited.

It really should be exactly what you want, but an adoptable is not always a blank-slate sale of a species slot. Please contact me if you want to know if a change is acceptable, I try to be as accommodating as I can.

  • Under no circumstances may you alter the original artwork provided with the adoptable.

Sorry, this one’s non-negotiable. If you do want changes made, please contact me for commissioning them!

Transfer of Rights to Adoptable

* You are free to trade your rights to the adoptable after purchasing it for non-monetary goods and services. Whomever receives the adoptable is then bound by all terms in this document. You must also notify the new owner of these terms. Simply link them back to this page.

You can trade your adoptable for another, or artwork, or pretty much anything besides cash.

  • Cash Sale of the adoptable is allowed, contingent on these terms:

  • The adoptable can be sold for no more than the original purchase price.

  • If you are selling, trading, gifting (or otherwise transferring the rights to) the adoptable, you must contact the artist first. The artist has the right to first refusal to repurchase the adoptable at 50 (fifty) percent of the original purchase price. In the event that there was no cash purchase price (eg: trade), the adoptable may be reclaimed at the discretion of the artist.

If you absolutely need to sell your adoptable, I understand. I retain the opportunity to buy it back first, but if I do not, you are free to sell it to others.

  • The license granted herein will abide by these terms exclusively, without addition or modification unless explicitly granted in writing by the artist.

This means only my TOU here applies to my creations and adoptables I make. You can not restrict trading rights with your own TOS, TOU, or rules. Example; people who have trade back policies or inactivity claims are not valid here. The only "rules" that apply to my creations are listed here in these terms. If this makes you uncomfortable please seek adoptables elsewhere.

  • Whomever receives the adoptable is then bound by all terms in this document.

The Artist

The artist maintains a copyright over the adoptable at all times.

The artist may:

  • Utilize the adoptable for promotional materials.

  • I like to show off!

  • Utilize the adoptable for commercial projects.

I might want to make plushes, buttons, prints, or something else of the species! Don’t worry, I’ll try to get you a free one if I use your character!

The artist may not:

  • Grant these rights to more than one individual at a time.

I won’t re-sell your adoptable, ever, unless ownership comes back around to me at some point.

Failure to adhere to these terms is grounds for immediate revocation of rights. If you are found to be in violation of the terms herein without written consent from the original artist, all rights to the adoptable are immediately transferred back to the artist.

These terms are subject to change without notice. But we’ll do our best to let you know if they do.

Italicized portions are to provide a “plain text” clarification of rules, and are merely clarifications/examples of the rules they are included with, not alterations or further rules.