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Niobe - an example of a Corrupted pillowing
( A Closed Species )

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These pillowings have had the unfortunate experience of enough negative magic leaking into themselves that their entire being is now considered a corruption. Most common corruptions tend to result towards violence or hostility of the pillowing's own frustration and pent up magic. But there are occasional rare and odd corruptions much like the pillowing that doesn't seem to ever stop crying. It's recommended when a pillowing is close to corruption or worse, corrupted already. There is typically no recovering from this state and the pillowing itself will need to be destroyed if the authorities catch it regardless of what type of corruption it is. It is dangerous and unregulated negative energy use which can cause serious danger. Owners be aware, magic always has rules.

Corrupt Pillowings

A corrupt pillowing is one that has had the sentiment that powers its token corrupted. If the pillowing experiences too much stress and negativity without its master providing adequate consolation, the entire heart token may become corrupt. It instead becomes a token of grief, and the pillowing itself reflects this change. The changes in behavior can be extremely varied and are very specific to the situation that caused the corruption. The only thing that is known for certain is that they are no longer light-hearted good-natured housepets, and should be handled with great caution.


Corruptions Examples: These pillowings almost always have little to no care. They tend to be torn up, tattered, little loose with missing filling. But that's just the norm, there are occasional rare pilowing that looks like it even has regular care. These pillowings will sometimes go out on their own to seek their masters but can sometimes be distracted by other people.