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Transformation Pillowings
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( A Closed Species )

DA Group: Pillowing-Pile

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Terms of Use

Transforming pillowings, a special rarity class of pillowing. Special rarity pillowings tend to have much more customization and magic abilities. When these pillowings were crafted then enchanted - the magic user who enchants them usually VERY talented/strong magic abilities and when they spell-cast the animation enchantment on a pillowing doll, a lot of that magic ability also goes into them. Kinda like a battery! Bigger magic battery, better magic output.

Transforming pillowings will have a standard / casual everyday form and have the ability to transform into 1 other pillowing design, so it's like 2 designs in one!

Physical Characteristics

There are limitations to Transformation Magic.

  • The transformed form has to have pillowing traits. For example, the discussion of having a snake form was brought up. This would be allowed with a knot tail and plush body, just with extreme body modifications, etc.
  • It has to be recognizably the same pillowing. Think like using a redesign kit.
  • Transformations are temporary. They will revert back to their original form after some time.
  • There's only one transformed form.

Think of it like a magical girl transformation. -AJ

Example Pillowings

Here are a few of the current Pillowings with Transformation Magic. There are also those kinds that transform themselves into mermaid forms!