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The Mundi Felidae more myth than anything. No one really believes these creatures are actually real because there are so few who reveal themselves to human(oid) kind. Still you speak well of the Mundi Felidae, just common knowledge in the world of Clo. You never know when they are listening so it's best to speak well of them than risk the anger of the cosmos. For some strange reason, younger human(oid) children often can see and even interact with Mundi Felidae on a regular occurrence. Once they grow a little older, they see them less and less and it's simply believed to all have been an imaginary tale as they age. But everyone still holds this familiar feeling in their chest that there are more to Mundi Felidae than anyone knows.

Open Species


Free to play and make species. Rp with them, draw them, make your own and sell them GO AHEAD! It's okay. Anyone can make and use or sell a mundi felidae. C: If you're using the mundi felidae name please credit Clover Coin for the open species, thank you!

Types of Felidae

All species of feline can accurately portray a Mundi Felidae. From the tiniest kitten to the biggest sabertooth tiger.


Pretty much what you would expect. Any feline shapes who are domesticated or specifically bred by humanoids. These smaller types of mundi felidae like to stick near humanoids and other creatures. They seem pretty social that way, it's amazing we don't have any formal records on them. As children these are the type of mundi felidae that we most likely saw. They engage and even delight in humanoid interactions. The smaller the person, the better. New parents will often ask their laughing babies if they saw a "kitty?" meaning an "imaginary" mundi felidae.


This is the most common of Mundi Felidae we think. Often tasked as guardians, protectors, or maybe they're just hermits. We can't find one to talk too. It's believed these types of mundi felidae take after all sorts of wild breeds of feline. From the barn cats all the way to the lioness hunting on the Savannah. If it's been untouched by humanoids than it's more likely to stay that way. Only the mundi felidae themselves will decide who or what they want to interact with.


Surprisingly this is the type of mundi felidae we know for sure exists due to it's large presence in the continent of Clo, World 07J. It has been documented by most of the population and many know of it's existence as natural day of life. It does not seem to have any sort of impact on the humanoids who live there. It merely crosses the sky every once in a while very casually. No one really knows much else though there are many conspiracy theories.

These mundi felidae tend to take after extremely large mythical feline like creatures such as sphinxes, chimeras, manticores, constellations (leos), Sea-Lions, Werecats, Imperial Lions (Shi), and many other fantastical beasts you may have heard mention of. Or not, maybe something completely new! It's also been noted they can take the forms of long extinct feline creatures as well like the smilodon.

Magical Abilities

Extremely varied.


Their sentience and intelligence seems to be varied. Some are quite feral while others are capable of human speech and mannerisms.

Known Habitats

Known Habitats
Image Types of Habitats Description
Commonly Suggested Habitats; you are not required to use these. They are just here to help.
Mundifelidae-outerspace.jpg Galaxy and Outerspace Anything that would be considered off planet past the atmosphere of the planet Clo (Earth). So out in the cosmos, the galaxies and stars.

Mundifelidae-consciousness.png Consciousness and Innerspace Within a person's perception. Inside their own head. They can hear and even interact with them. Most of the time Mundi Felidae will never let the host even know it's there silently guiding their actions or what you might call... gut feelings.

Mundifelidae-otherworlds.jpg Other Worlds Do you have a personal world or AU you want to apply mundi felidae too? Go for it!

Mundifelidae-biomes.jpg Biomes Just like there are cosmic themes, there are natural and elemental themes as well. Rare instances where you might find a wild mundi felidae.


It seems they take after their feline like nature in more ways than one. This is a carnivorous species that normally eats nothing but meat?

What do we know, they're giant cosmic cats. They might eat entire planets or photosynthesize.

Taming and Care

No one knows how to tame or even care for a Mundi Felidae.

Mundi Felidae in Clo

Known deity.

Magical Abilities